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Sports Injury Clinic - Glasgow

Newlands Physiotherapy Clinic is probably most renowned for treatment and rehabilitation of Sports Injuries in Glasgow. Our team have a vast experience of most types of sports injuries - this comes from looking after professional athletes as well as recreational and amateur sports teams (see Meet The Team). According to research from some leading Universities in the UK, there are up to 29 million sports injuries each year in the UK and 1 in 3 injuries are bad enough to warrant treatment. Lower limb injuries (e.g. ankle and knee ligament sprains) are usually the most common.

The clinic accepts all types of sports injuries from acute muscle strains and ligament sprains to Orthopaedic post-operative management and rehabilitation. Being present in a tennis club certainly results in seeing many "tennis elbows"!

Ensuring an athlete (professional or recreational) is fit to return to sport is fundamental to their care. We can work closely, or liaise with your own coach/personal trainer to ensure you are match fit and not just pain free.

Profiling Sessions

The Physiotherapists at Newlands Physiotherapy are committed to providing the best possible care for all their sporting clients and have even developed a Profiling System based on the work they do in the high performance world. Profiling involves the holistic assessment of posture, muscle strength, flexibility, joint mobility etc, and is beneficial in the identification of potential injuries. Now anyone can have an "MOT" pre-season to identify areas of weakness, tightness, asymmetry, and altered function. A specific "prehabilitation" exercise programme can then be issued to remedy identified problems, therefore maximising athletic potential through more efficient body mechanics and less time lost to niggling injuries. Prevention is easier than the cure.

A Profiling session takes approximately 1 hour and costs £60.00 - this includes a full holistic assessment, a detailed report, and an individualised prehabilitation programme. Please telephone or e-mail the clinic for full details of this service.

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